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Ports 4.0 Fund to be extended for four years

The Interport Compensation Fund Distribution Committee Definitively Approves Selected Commercial Projects.

Ports 4.0 Fund to be extended for four years


  • Francisco Toledo: We are determined to continue promoting innovation in the ports, because it will have an impact on the competitiveness of the entire logistics chain.


30-06-2021 (Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda). The Distribution Committee of the Interport Compensation Fund, meeting today electronically, has approved to extend for four more years the contribution of 1% of the result of the fiscal year of Puertos del Estado and Port Authorities in order to nourish the Ports 4.0 Fund, as well as the selection of the 9 commercial projects carried out on 10 June, which will receive 4 million euros, has also been unanimously ratified, and without having received any observations.


The president of Puertos del Estado, Francisco Toledo, has announced, given the success of the first call, a new call next September because "promoting innovation in ports will have an impact on our competitiveness and that of the entire logistics chain."


The Committee also approved the annual accounts for the 2020 fiscal year of the Port Land Accessibility Financial Fund, as well as the new projects to be financed from this Fund. (Siding for 750 m. trains between Huelva and Seville and Majarabique railway terminal of the Huelva PA; access to the ZAL and North Road connecting with the heavy transport service road in Raval de Mar of the Tarragona PA; and Implementation of sidings and improvements in the Barcelona-Madrid railway corridor for 750 m. trains of the Barcelona PA).




On the same day, the Governing Council of Puertos del Estado was held, in which the 2020 annual accounts of the Public Body were approved. As Toledo explained to the Council: "It has been a difficult year, but we have fulfilled one of our main purposes: to facilitate the transport of goods throughout the national territory, in order to avoid shortages and allow society to have access to basic necessities at a time of high incidence of the pandemic."


According to the data presented by the president of Puertos del Estado, the operating result stood at 5,663,013 euros, 10.4% less than in 2019. On the other hand, the annual accounts of the Interport Compensation Fund for the year 2020 were unanimously approved.


In addition, the Governing Council has been informed about the centralized contracting by Puertos del Estado of cybersecurity services for the entire state-owned port system. The project, which will consist of the implementation, development and improvement of the general port cybersecurity scheme, will cost 1,000,000 euros per year, and the time horizon of this first iteration of the project will be 5 years.


Finally, the president of Puertos del Estado reported on the agreement signed with the National Geographic Institute (NGI) for the monitoring of sea level and the generation of tsunami warnings.


Both agencies, under the MITMA, will participate in the implementation and development of the recently approved State Plan for Civil Protection against the Risk of Tsunamis (BOE of 20 May 2021), which establishes the National Tsunami Warning System (NTWS), of which both the National Seismic Network of the NGI and Puertos de Estado are an essential part.

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