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Skip Navigation · Home · In September, Ferrol will have a PIF allowing it to trade in animal products for human use and increase its TEU capacity
In September, Ferrol will have a PIF allowing it to trade in animal products for human use and increase its TEU capacity

Salvador de la Encina holds a fruitful meeting with José Manuel Vilariño

In September, Ferrol will have a PIF allowing it to trade in animal products for human use and increase its TEU capacity


  • Other matters discussed include the release of A Malata and a material change in the DEUP railway course



07-30-2019 (Ministry of Development). The President of Puertos del Estado, Salvador de la Encina, has held a long and fruitful work meeting with the president of the Ferrol-San Cibrao Port Authority, José Manuel Vilariño, where it was confirmed that next September the historically claimed Border Inspection Point (PIF) will begin to operate.


"It is great news to hear of the success of this initiative taken by the Ferrol-San Cibrao Port Authority, in conjunction and along with Puertos del Estado and various departments of the Government of Spain and the European Union, which have participated in the process", said Salvador de la Encina.


With the forthcoming start-up of the PIF- a measure partly approved as the Government of Spain's strategy in light of Brexit and partly as a restructuring of inspection points by the Healthcare/Foreign Affairs authorities-, the Ferrol-San Cibrao Port Authority may import animal products for human use, whether packaged or bottled.


Until now, only non-food plant products may enter Ferrol (as a Point of Entry), as well as human food products of non-animal source (as an Authorized Customs Precinct (RAH)).


This new PIF status, which is pending publication in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) in order to complete all the necessary formalities and begin its effective operation, will expand the traffic flows and cargo entitled to stop over in Ferrol, thus clearly increasing the port's container traffic (TEUs).




De la Encina and Vilariño discussed other matters of interest for the port's development, to stimulate the local economy and to improve port-city co-existence.


This last category covers the withdrawal of the A Malata municipal concessions, for which proceedings have already been filed by the Ferrol-San Cibrao Port Authority. Certain land falls within its service area, not intended for port use, which represents a valuable component of port-city integration policies.


Puertos del Estado has already received an endorsement from the General Directorate for Coastline and Sea Sustainability, and has duly forwarded it to Ferrol in order to ensure that the process moves forward before the municipal licenses expire and such land is assigned to the city.


As regards railway access, Salvador de la Encina informed José Manuel Vilariño that a material change in the Boundaries of Port Space and Use (DEUP), affecting the port service area as part of the railway course, has already reached the Ministry of Development and is pending a signature.


Railway access to the Outside Port will link it to the general railway network, along a branch over six kilometers long through the Inside Port. This branch will have a 5.5 kilometer tunnel and a 300 meter viaduct over the Ferrol river.


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