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Skip Navigation · Home · Import/export of fruit and vegetable products in Spanish ports grows by 25%
Import/export of fruit and vegetable products in Spanish ports grows by 25%

Spanish ports are in Madrid to offer the best alternatives in the import/export of fruit and vegetable products

Import/export of fruit and vegetable products in Spanish ports grows by 25%


  • 2.9 million tonnes of imported/exported fruit, vegetables and pulses in the first 8 months of the year.
  • 16 port authorities gathered at the "Ports of Spain" stand to provide a complete logistics offer.


23-10-2018 (Ministry of Public Works). The trading of imports and exports of fruit, vegetables and legumes through Spanish ports reached 2,917,449 tonnes in the first 8 months of the year, which has entailed a 25.5% increase compared to the same period the previous year. These figures confirm that Spain, given its strategic geographical location, besides being the leading exporter in Europe, has become the gateway to Europe for imports of fruit from third countries. In this regard, the existence of an extensive network of reefer connections at port terminals, as well as refrigerated storage companies at ports and in the logistical areas associated with them, allows for a bright future outlook. The main association for the refrigerated sector, Aldefe, has stated that the occupancy index of almost 3 million m3 of its associates was over 80%. This sector had a turnover of more than €177 million in 2016.


According to figures at the close of 2017, the public port system moved 545 million tonnes in 545, of which 10.2 million were fruit, vegetables and pulses, amounting to an increase of 9.7% on the previous year. Of this quantity, more than 8 million tonnes (78.6%) corresponded to import-export traffic, including transit, which makes Spain one of the leading countries in supplying this type of produce to the rest of Europe.


The increase in movement of these types of goods by the ports is largely related to the strengthening of maritime cabotage lines with European countries, which represent almost 93% of Spanish exports, and with the African countries located along the Mediterranean, which also favours an increase in intermodality.


In this regard, the latest report published by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) declared that Spain is the leading exporter of fruit and vegetables in Europe. As such, according to the latest data released by the Spanish Federation for Fruit and Vegetable Export Producers (FEPEX), the value of Spanish exports in fresh fruit and vegetables in 2016 totalled 12.486 billion, and 92.6% was destined for a country within the European Union. The goods exported (produced nationally) and those that moved through Spanish ports in transit (coming from third countries) totalled 6.5 million tonnes.


Spanish ports are attending the Fruit Attraction Fair in Madrid, offering an impressive range of products and services aimed at the fresh fruit and vegetable market. At the "Ports of Spain" stand and under the slogan "CONNECTING THE WORLD TO FRESH FOOD", 16 port authorities will be present  ((Almería, Bay of Algeciras, Bay of Cadiz, Bilbao, Cartagena, Castellón, Ferrol-San Cibrao, Huelva, Las Palmas, Marín y Ría de Pontevedra, Motril, Seville, Tarragona, Valencia and Vigo) that will join the whole of the port system offering 85 million m2 of land surface area and storage zones, refrigerated warehouses with close to 2 million m3, more than 300,000 linear metres of berths, connections with any port in the world, border inspection points, phytosanitary services, and all kinds of logistical solutions.


Fruit Attraction presents an excellent chance to make contact with the main suppliers in this market and continue to maintain the country's position as the world's leading fruit and vegetable exporter.




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