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Skip Navigation · Home · The head of Puertos del Estado attends the inauguration of the manufacturing plant of offshore wind towers and structures in the Bilbao port
The head of Puertos del Estado attends the inauguration of the manufacturing plant of offshore wind towers and structures in the Bilbao port

A project result of public-private collaboration


The head of Puertos del Estado attends the inauguration of the manufacturing plant of offshore wind towers and structures in the Bilbao port


  • The public-private investment made in the construction of the plant and the machinery installation exceeds 60 million euros.
  • Its activity will create between 250 and 300 new direct jobs.


23-05-2018 (Ministry of Development). The head of Puertos del Estado, José Llorca, accompanied by the head of the Autonomous Community, Iñigo Urkullu, the head of the Port Authority, Asier Atutxa, and by representatives of the company Haizea Wind and the port community, has attended the inauguration of one of the best manufacturing plants of wind towers and marine structures for "offshore" facilities in Europe that the company Haizea Wind built in the Bilbao port. The total investment, between the construction of the warehouse, its equipment and start-up exceeded 60 million euros.


This strategic project is result of public-private collaboration. Its construction and use were framed within the investment plan of the Port Authority to activate the start-up of logistical-industrial projects, such as wind projects, that provide traffic and create jobs, resources and wealth for the territory, since -in addition to the jobs that the company will create directly- due to the type and dimensions of the parts, it will encourage an increase in handling works of stowage and lashing.


In this way, the Port Authority of Bilbao is in charge of the execution of a 47,000 m2 industrial warehouse along with an office building and the paving and development of the rest of the plot, which has a total surface area of 75,000 m2, including the warehouse. The associated investment is €17.6 million.


This unique and cutting-edge plant has nearly 75,000 m2 in the AZ-2 pier of the extension of the port in the outer Abra in the Zierbena area, with direct access to the loading bay, which has a depth of 21 meters. These great depths and the closeness of the pier allow it to guarantee the most competitive entry and exit logistics without dimensional restrictions. The warehouse is 500 meters long and is made up of three 35 meter wide warehouses. It is also equipped with cutting-edge machinery, which allows it to produce large, high-quality parts with the shortest deadlines. The capabilities of the factory are developed to cover the current and future dimensions of offshore towers and foundations.


In full production capacity, Haizea Wind can manufacture 300 sections of offshore towers per year, 50 meters long and up to 8.6 meters in diameter and a 130 mm plate thickness. These wind towers make up one of the main elements of a wind turbine. The plant will also make other large parts used in offshore wind farms such as monopiles and transition parts (TPs). It will produce, specifically, 100 monopiles per year (equivalent to 100,000 tons), 100 meters long and up to 10.5 meters in diameter and 130 mm thick.


The raw material is made of carbon steel sheet, mostly delivered from nearby steel mills, flanges, also made of steel, and internal electrical and mechanical elements. It is expected, specifically, that the plant will use, among other raw materials, approximately 142,500 tons of thick sheet and 7,500 tons of flanges. In total, it will provide port traffic of nearly 150,000 tons/year when it is at full production capacity. Also, above all and beyond the traffic in tons, this project will provide added value, because it has a strategic character for the port and for Euskadi. They began to produce with 86 employees, but when at full capacity it will have between 250 and 300 employees.


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