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Skip Navigation · Home · Spanish 'ports of general interest' offer nearly 30,000 berths for yachts and recreational vessels
Spanish 'ports of general interest' offer nearly 30,000 berths for yachts and recreational vessels

Spanish ports to showcase their worth at the International Boat Show in Barcelona

Spanish 'ports of general interest' offer nearly 30,000 berths for yachts and recreational vessels


  • Yachting generates more than 110,000 jobs and accounts for 0.7% of national GDP
  • The iMar app provides offshore weather and information in real time
  • Public-private investment in yachting to exceed 222 million euros between 2018 and 2021.


10-10-2018 (Ministry of Public Works). A Spanish delegation, headed by Puertos del Estado, will be in attendance at the International Boat Show to be held in Barcelona from 10 to 14 October. The "Ports of Spain" stand will boast the attendance of the ports of the Balearic Islands, the Suncruise Association embracing the seven port authorities of Andalusia, and Sasemar.


Marinas and yachting facilities located at State ports offer close to one third of the more than 105,000 berths that exist on Spanish coasts. Meanwhile, and turning our attention to a sector that has been booming recently, namely mega-yachts, that fact is that of the 27 Spanish facilities that admit long-length vessels, half are located at ports of general interest.


According to recent studies, yachting (construction, repair, associated industry and services) accounts for approximately 0.7% of national GDP and over 110,000 jobs (direct and indirect), and it is a sector capable of generating knock-on effects across the economy, meaning more than 4 euros and seven job posts are generated via an indirect knock-on effect for every single euro/job post created. The sector is an incredibly important driver of Spain's economic development, which is heavily linked to another key industry in our economy: tourism and leisure.



Much like the success obtained with the slogan "Blue Carpet: Step Into Spain Through World Class Ports", which has cemented Spain's international reputation and standing in the cruise industry, by attending this fair Puertos del Estado is championing the Spanish yachting sector, extolling its global brand via the claims "Enjoy Spain's Marinas: Right to the Heart of Town" and "Top Marina Services in Harmony with Commercial Ports".

Yachting and recreational boating is a prominent feature at Spanish ports, as their facilities play a crucial role in linking public areas and commercial ports. These spaces are essential in guaranteeing the proper management and overlapping of city and port interests.


Fully aware how popular sailing is off the coasts of Spain, Puertos del Estado launched a free app in 2013 to provide useful information on the user's mobile device (Android and iPhone). iMAR offers information in real time and forecasts for the following three days at and around a selected point on the coast, allowing users to search towns, ports and beaches.

The graphical interface provides a synoptic view of wave conditions, sea levels and other marine variables. This data can be immensely useful for both tourist and recreational activities and port work and operations, including sea safety.

The display is divided into three sections: real time, with the latest readings offered by the closest meter or instrument; predictions, providing summary forecasts of sea conditions over the coming days; and graphics, offering visual information on changes in key variables, such as wave size or sea level.


To achieve this objective, the State port system has worked on different fronts, including major public investments and institutional and financial support for the development of large-scale sporting events, although the main channel has been the creation of a regulatory framework that has stimulated the development of significant investment projects, meaning that most of these facilities are built and operated by private companies.

Over the period spanning 2018-2021, public port investment will reach €262 million in passenger infrastructure and facilities, of which more than €22 million will be specifically earmarked for yachting and recreational shipping, including notably a new syncrolift in Catalonia Harbour at the Port of Barcelona, the jetties at Cala Corb at the Port of Mahón; and the esplanade and new jetties at the Port of Rosario. Meanwhile, private investment over the same period is set to reach some €200 million at the facilities awarded to private concessionaire companies.

The measures implemented in the realm of yachting have basically sought to reduce the tax burdens; to protect the practice of shipping and boating activity in the segment that has the most users but which has the lowest economic capacity; to take into consideration the specific nature of non-profit organisations (sailing clubs); and to promote good environmental practices.

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