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Ports regain momentum and grow by 8.7% in April

The Cumulative Figure the First Four Months of the Year, 174.7 Million Tonnes of Cargo, Equals the Figures for 2020.

Ports regain momentum and grow by 8.7% in April


  • Francisco Toledo: Some types of cargo and forms of presentation, such as general goods (+0.2%) and containers (+1.2%), already exceed the 2019 figures in this first four-month period.



26-05-2021 (Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda) The 46 ports of general interest of the State closed the month of April with a turnover of 45,458,749 tonnes, an increase of 8.7% compared to April 2020. The president of Puertos del Estado, Francisco Toledo, expressed his satisfaction with the progress of traffic: "We have regained a pulse, and from now on we will see the strength of our ports more clearly." The cumulative figure for the first four months of the year 2021 stood at 174,753,220 tonnes, which is almost equal to the 2020 records. (-0.2%).


According to Toledo, compared to 2019, the last record year for the port system with 564.5 million tonnes handled, the first four months of 2021 demonstrate that some types of goods and forms of presentation, such as general cargo (+0.2%), containers (+1.2%), and containers in transit (+2.2%), already exceed those of that year.


Practically all traffic indicators, except liquid bulk, still affected by the mobility restrictions at that time, experienced increases during the month of April. The three main cargo groups: general cargo, liquid bulk and solid bulk, totalled 44.5 million tonnes in April, an increase of 8.5 per cent over the same month of the previous year. General cargo, which reached 23.7 million tonnes, accounting for 53.4% of the total, increased by 19.6% and containerised cargo, which accounts for 72.5% of all general cargo, also grew by 11.7%.


Liquid bulk, the second largest group, with 13.4 million tonnes in April (-11.2%), continues to stagnate due to mobility constraints, which has reduced the consumption of petroleum products and their derivatives, although some products such as biofuels grew by 11.4% in the first four months of the year.


Solid bulk, with 7.3 million tonnes in the month of April, have made a strong surge (+21.6%), offsetting a large part of the losses suffered in previous months due to the decline in coal and fossil fuel traffic, thanks above all to products such as cement and clinker which, with 4.9 million tonnes in the four-month period, have grown by 20%.


Roll-on/roll-off traffic grew the most in April, by 62.7%, and now totals more than 20.6 million tonnes in the first four months of the year, with an annual increase of 9.6%.


Container traffic, which grew by +16% in April, totalled 5.8 million TEUs in the first four months of the year, an increase of +6.9% year-to-date.


The number of vessels has also experienced a remarkable increase in April, +63%, with more than 10,000 vessels operating in the ports.


Finally, passenger traffic, with more than 710,000 people embarking on regular and cruise lines during April, is beginning to show a gradual recovery, although the figures are far from those reached in the first four months of 2019, when more than 3 million passengers were counted on the same dates.


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