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Skip Navigation · Home · The Port of Ceuta will invest more than €37 million till 2024
The Port of Ceuta will invest more than €37 million till 2024

Puertos del Estado and the Port Authority of Ceuta agree on the 2020-2024 Business Plan

The Port of Ceuta will invest more than €37 million till 2024



6-11-2020 (Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda) The President of Puertos del Estado, Francisco Toledo, conducted a work meeting, via videoconference, with Juan Manuel Doncel and Cesar López, President and Director, respectively, of the Ceuta Port Authority, in which they agreed on the 2020-2024 Business Plan, a period in which more than €37.3 million will be invested.


The bulk of the investment will be focused on the remodelling of the Maritime Station, whose budget amounts to €19.5 million, 80% of which is co-financed by the Feder Funds. A feasibility study and a study of the building's foundations are being finalised in order to complete the file, which will be processed at the beginning of 2021.


According to Doncel, the Delimitation of Spaces and Port Uses and the Special Management Plan for the Port Service Area will play an essential role in the future development of the port. The Port Authority informed that the Special Plan that is being drawn up will be ready by the end of the year 2020 in order to process both instruments simultaneously. Pursuant to this, a working group has been created with the Ministry of Development of the Autonomous City of Ceuta, to agree on the urban planning of some areas of the port service area.


Both instruments will enable the emergence of new income-generating activities without increasing the consumption of resources and will enhance the role of the port as a lever to boost the local economy.


One of the main issues will be the significant extension of the waters of zone II of the port, by increasing the anchoring area for vessels carrying out provisioning operations to ensure that there is sufficient space to safely accommodate the anchoring of larger vessels over 200 metres in length.


Finally, Puertos del Estado and the Port Authority agreed to draw up a Financial Rebalancing Plan to alleviate the loss of traffic and to contribute to the recovery of port activity.


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