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Skip Navigation · Home · The Port Authority will invest €102 million, most of it in the railway access to the outer port
The Port Authority will invest €102 million, most of it in the railway access to the outer port

Puertos del Estado and the Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao agree on the 2020-2024 Business Plan


The Port Authority will invest €102 million, most of it in the railway access to the outer port


  • The extension of the Border Inspection Post building will enable container traffic to continue growing


19-10-2020 (Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda) The President of Puertos del Estado, Francisco Toledo, conducted a work meeting last Friday, via videoconference, with José Manuel Vilariño and Alejandro Rey, President and Director, respectively, of the Ferrol-San Cibrao Port Authority, during which they agreed on the 2020-2024 Business Plan, a period in which more than 102 million euros will be invested, of which 76 million euros will be dedicated to the completion of rail access to the outer port in Cabo Prioriño, planned for 2023 and which includes the installation of the metric gauge and the Iberian gauge.

The Port Authority announced that it will draw up a new strategic plan in 2021, given the progressive de-industrialisation of its area of influence, in which it will highlight the interest for port traffic of the fitting out of the Ferrol-Betanzos railway section, and the opportunities linked to the new Ferrol Intermodal Station.


With regard to port traffic, Vilariño highlighted the new opportunities that are opening up, taking into account the depth of the port, to attract international transit traffic of minerals and other bulk cargo.


With regard to general goods, since June 2020 the port has a new line of Ferrol-Gijón-Liverpool-Dublin containers. The Port Authority is working on the consolidation of a third feeder line with the south of the peninsula with the aim of continuing to grow in this segment. Pursuant to this, in August 2020, the works for phase 2 of the new Inspection Post (PIF) were awarded, which will be completed in 2021 and are essential for the consolidation of this type of traffic.


In the scope of port-city relations, Puertos del Estado is processing a cooperation agreement between the Port Authority and the Ferrol City Council for the assigning of the spaces situated in the A Malata Cove that do not have port interest and where various municipal installations are situated.



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