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The President of Puertos del Estado visits the Port of Vilagarcia de Arousa

The President of Puertos del Estado visits the Port of Vilagarcia de Arousa


  • Rodriguez Dapena meets with the president, councillors, management team of the Port Authority and representatives of the Port Community


28-03-2022 The president of Puertos del Estado, Alvaro Rodríguez Dapena, has visited today the Port Authority of Vilagarcia, where accompanied by the president, Jose Manuel Cores Tourís, he has visited the port facilities and has had the opportunity to know the future projects of this entity.


Previously, the president of Puertos del Estado held meetings at the headquarters of the port of Arousa with the management team of the Port Authority and a representation of its works committee; with the Board of Directors of the Port Authority; and with the Port Community. During his visit to the Port Authority headquarters, Rodriguez Dapena also signed the institution's Book of Honour.


The meeting with the management team of the Port Authority analysed the main projects on which the Port of Vilagarcia is currently working. Among them, the president of the Port Authority, Jose Manuel Cores Touris, highlighted the great bet of the port of Vilagarcia to equip itself with optimal facilities for the maritime-rail intermodality. Thus, the aim is to complement the actions already carried out in this area with a third phase of the Ferrazo Railway project, whose investment amounts to 1.4 million Euro and which is expected to be put out to tender this year. This work is financed with funds from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (RRM).


The president of the Port Authority also mentioned the opportunities that the celebration of this Holy Year presents for the port of Vilagarcia, in its condition of Xacobeo port, for the promotion of tourism in Arousa, and highlighted the commitment that the port of Arousa is making to improve its positioning as a cruise destination, which is already bearing its first fruits.

Port-city integration was another of the issues addressed at this meeting. Rodriguez Dapena was able to learn about the Port Authority's plans to extend the port land destined for public use in areas coinciding with the city's seafront. Thus, in the O Ramal quay (located between the beach and the marina), the initial section will be fully open to public use, and an area for the reception of cruise ships will be created in the final section. This action is part of a wide-ranging agreement with the Vilagarcia Council, which will allow the creation of a large green area on former port land, and a new health centre. Cores Touris highlighted that "the will of understanding between the administrations has allowed us to complete the design of the port-city interaction areas, in such a way that a continuum of open spaces for public use is created between the old port water tank and O Ramal; and at the same time, to guarantee an appropriate arrangement of the port extensions in the Comercial and Ferrazo docks, allowing us to make the most of all their potential".


Rodriguez Dapena recalled that among the main objectives of the new Strategic Framework is the commitment to convert the ports into spaces for the citizens, in all senses. Sharing those idle spaces for port activity, and giving value to the socio-economic importance of the ports is fundamental for us.


During his visit to the port, Rodriguez Dapena had the opportunity to see the activity that takes place on these docks. The start-up of the container terminal, together with the boom experienced by other goods in the general cargo category, such as panels or aluminium, largely explain the great growth in traffic recorded in recent years by the port of Arousa, which was particularly marked last year, which closed with an all-time traffic record. The president of the Port Authority pointed out that "our growth rates show our importance within the port system to meet the needs of a hinterland that stands out for its dynamism and its vocation for international expansion", and recalled that last year Vilagarcia recorded the second highest percentage increase in traffic of the entire system, moving 25% more goods than in 2020.




The President of Puertos del Estado also visited part of the areas which the port has set aside for port-city interaction, including green zones, public facilities, promenades, leisure areas, parking areas and a bicycle lane.


At present, almost 30% of the land managed by the Port Authority of Vilagarcia is open to public use.




The programme of the visit to the port was completed with a meeting with the port community, with the participation of companies and institutions operating in the port of Vilagarcia.


The situation created by the road transport stoppage and its impact on port activity was one of the issues addressed at the meeting.


In the same meeting, the president mentioned a strategic project for the future of the port, such as the dredging of the entrance channel and docks of the port of Vilagarcia. In a context of sustained growth in the size of the ships that make up the international merchant fleet, not only the provision of port infrastructures, but also the depth of the docks, must anticipate the future needs of the maritime transport of goods to enable the attraction of new traffic and the growth of the existing ones. According to Rodriguez Dapena, although we are focused on connectivity, digitalisation and sustainability, we will not neglect those infrastructures, including dredging, which are necessary for port development.

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