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In Santander, the port system has analyzed its model for the next ten years

In Santander, the port system has analyzed its model for the next ten years


  • Toledo: "The Strategic Framework is one of the cornerstones of my presidency and, following MITMA's policy, is designed to created added value and employment"
  • "Citing Seneca, consensus amongst ports on what we want by 2030 will allow us to take advantage of any favorable wind"
  • Puertos del Estado has brought the 28 Port Authorities together to agree on a document to guarantee competitiveness, security, innovation and sustainability in Spain's port logistics


07-22-2020, Santander (Ministry of Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda). Between 22-23 July 2020 in Santander, Puertos del Estado will gather the Spanish general interest port system to agree on its development strategy for the next ten years. This agreement, to be consolidated as a new Strategic Framework (the current one dates back from 1998), will be essential to ensure an optimum positioning of Spain's ports in future transportation and logistics networks.


This "Seminar to analyze a strategic development model" will take place in Palacio de la Magdalena –in collaboration with the Port Authority of Santander- and constitutes a milestone for the port system, thus ending an analysis and debate process that began in 2019 at the Palma de Mallorca venue.


The president of Puertos del Estado, Francisco Toledo, has explained that "a Strategic Framework is one of the cornerstones of my presidency and its design follows the policy laid down by the Ministry of Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA)- as could not be otherwise- seeking secure, sustainable and connected mobility, with which to create added value and employment".


Toledo has added that "the document produced by this Santander event will ensure that Spain's ports are better prepared for the relevant changes coming up in the transportation and logistics sectors; it may even be used to lead the necessary actions to help take on new challenges related to competitiveness, security, innovation and sustainability on a global scale".


"In Seneca's words, if a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable", explained the president, "which is why deciding what we as ports want by 2030 will help us take advantage of any favorable wind whilst aligning our actions in a joint effort".


In addition to the president Toledo and the president of the Port Authority of Santander, Jaime González, who pointed out "the important role played by this city in hosting the meeting where all of Spain's ports will decide to cross the logistics threshold of the XXI century", several local authorities were present, such as Miguel Ángel Revilla, president of Cantabria, who indicated that "ports are essential for Spain's economy" and trusts that activity will soon return to normal following the pandemic. Ainoa Quiñones, government delegate in Cantabria, has highlighted that "Puertos del Estado is an essential infrastructure to secure a sustainable, integrating, efficient, smart and green future for the national economy, as it is able to promote and support enterprises, helping stimulate and increase competitiveness in a gradually more complex and global world".


Quiñones has stressed the fact that port modernization simultaneously poses a challenge and future opportunity, and that public administrations and institutions should not miss the chance no matter how small. "If we want enterprises to innovate, make commitments, expand and take chances in their growth, we obviously need to endow them with the best infrastructures to extend their productive capacity, which will clearly generate employment and, particularly, better or quality jobs".


The party of authorities that have welcomed Port Authority presidents and managers also included Gema Igual, mayor of Santander, and Felipe Piña, head of transportation of the Cantabria government. The mayor has pointed out, as a positive factor, that this is the first event being held since Palacio de la Magdalena completed its renovation works.




The agenda for the "Seminar to analyze a strategic development model", to be held between 22-23 July in Palacio de la Magdalena (Santander) includes four work units:


1.- Unit I. Results of employer company and trade union surveys. Pre and post--Covid-19 diagnosis. Port governance.

2.- Unit II. Economic scope. Financing. Land. Infrastructures. Services.

3.- Unit III. Innovation and environmental scope. Digitalization. Innovation and Sustainability.

4.- Unit IV. Social scope. Security. Port-city. Human capital.


These themed units bring together the "Basic content proposed for a Strategic Framework of the general interest port system", a lengthy 139-page document that includes 16 strategic lines and 56 general management objectives.


Drafting of the document was entrusted to Puertos del Estado's Planning & Development Management. Working activity has been planned in order to ensure an active participation- at various levels- of the Port Authorities and economic and social agents in the port sector, as well as associated administrations.


During the event, the path towards a modernized governance model will also be analyzed, which has been ongoing for over two decades and necessarily needs to evolve in order to blend into highly dynamic and changing worldwide logistics.


Ultimately, the aim is to agree on a Strategic Framework for Spain's general interest port system over the next ten years.





Organization of the Santander meeting constitutes a truly necessary challenge in the current "new normal". The capital importance of having an updated Strategic Framework, for ports and for continued supply to Spain as a whole and Europe, explains why it should be held without further delay.


This is why Puertos del Estado has drawn up a hygienic-sanitary protocol for the "Seminar to analyze a strategic development model", in line with current regulations and recommendations.


In accordance with the Resolution issued by the Department of Health in Cantabria, starting on 15 July 2020 a face mask must be permanently worn to and from the event and whilst working sessions are underway.


In order to facilitate compliance with regulations and recommendations, Puertos del Estado and the Port Authority of Santander have left a personal hygienic kit (with a face mask and hydroalcoholic gel) in each participant's room.


Furthermore, a collective transfer of participants (between the hotel, Palacio de la Magdalena and when visiting the port) has been arranged to reduce contact outside each work group, as well as various hygienic back-up measures during the meetings. Temperature checks will be completed at the entrance to Palacio de la Magdalena. The seminar's various suppliers have also been required to apply a specific Covid-19 hygienic protocol.


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