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Spanish ports offer more than 30,000 berths for yachts

A high representation of Spanish ports presents their options at the Boot Düsseldorf Fair, the largest European event dedicated to yachting and water sports

Spanish ports offer more than 30,000 berths for yachts


  • Magec Montesdeoca: "PE includes, for the first time, the whole of its sports offer in a specific brochure"
  • Yachting generates more than 110,000 jobs and accounts for

    0.7% of national GDP


01/22/2019 (Ministry of Public Works and Transport). A Spanish delegation, led by Puertos del Estado, will be present at the largest European event devoted to the marinas and yachting sector, "Boot Düsseldorf". The "Ports of Spain" stand will be attended by the ports of A Coruña, Balearic Islands, Las Palmas, and Melilla, as well as the Valencia Marina Association, Cartagena Yacht Port, and the Andalucía Cruises Association.


Magec Montesdeoca, Corporate Director of Puertos del Estado, highlights sporting activity within the system of general interest, since "it generates an important economic activity that is very specialised and localised through a multitude of services, so this year, for the first time, we have opted to collect the whole sports offer of the 28 port authorities in a specific brochure."


Marinas and yachting facilities located at State ports offer close to 30,000 berths, 1/3 of the total existing in the Spanish coasts. In addition, the ports of general interest concentrate half of the 27 facilities of the sector dedicated to so-called mega yachts, large pleasure boats.


According to the data provided by the sector, yachting (construction, repair, associated industry and services) accounts for approximately 0.7% of national GDP and over 110,000 jobs (direct and indirect), and it is a sector capable of generating knock-on effects across the economy (7 jobs are created and more than 4 euros are generated via an indirect knock-on effect for every single euro/job post created). This sector is an incredibly important element within Spain's economic development, which is largely linked to another key industry in our economy: tourism and leisure.



Puertos del Estado will present at Boot Düsseldorf a new commercial brochure that clearly and visually collects the offer of each one of the 28 Spanish Port Authorities, as well as characteristics of its facilities and contact data for each of them.

Promoting the Spanish marina sector in ports of general interest is Puertos del Estado's main objective, extolling its global image through the claims: "Enjoy Spain's Marinas: Right to the Heart of Town" and "Top Marina Services in Harmony with Commercial Ports".

To achieve this objective, the State port system has worked on different fronts, including major public investments and institutional and financial support for the development of large-scale sporting events, although the main channel has been the creation of a regulatory framework that has stimulated the development of significant investment projects, meaning that most of these facilities are built and operated by private companies.

The measures implemented in the realm of yachting have basically managed to reduce the tax burdens; protect the practice of shipping and boating activity in the segment that has the most users, but which has the lowest economic capacity; take into consideration the specific nature of non-profit organizations (sailing clubs); and promote good environmental practices.


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