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Skip Navigation · Home · Work begins on preparing the Port System's new Strategic Framework
Work begins on preparing the Port System's new Strategic Framework

It is envisaged that a new document will be available in 2019

Work begins on preparing the Port System's new Strategic Framework


  • The consultations will be extended in the coming months to the Port Community and the ports' customers


29-10-2018 (Ministry of Public Works). The President of Puertos del Estado, Ornella Chacón, has sent letters to the presidents of the 28 Port Authorities requesting their opinion on various issues that will serve to outline the new Strategic Framework. The document will include the strategic development model, the criteria for action, as well as the general technical, economic, financial and human resources management objectives of the whole port system. The other planning instruments (Strategic Plans, Infrastructure Master Plans and Business Plans) must meet the aforementioned general objectives.


In addition, it is foreseen that consultations will be held with the rest of the public sector present in the ports, the Port Community and the customers of the ports, so that a new Strategic Framework will available during 2019 that must be approved by the Ministry of Public Works.


The new Strategic Framework will lay the foundations to better suit the needs of the sectors of economic activity in the area of influence, and will provide a more appropriate offering to the interests of people and companies determined to use the maritime mode.


The renewal of the Strategic Framework aims to improve the whole system and therefore the country. It is about designing a suitable update to the changes in the environment, establishing the foundations to align processes and organisational structure to the new strategic model and defining a "shared culture" that gathers principles and values to which the whole of the port system should aim.



The current Strategic Framework, which was approved in 1998, has made it possible for the port system to suitably develop. Twenty years since it was approved, there have been a number of changes, both in the environment and internally in Spanish ports, with enough depth to recommend a reformulation of its strategic development foundations, the criteria for action and the general objectives. Some of these changes are clearly measurable from a quantitative perspective, with available traffic statistics.

In short, the review of the Strategic Framework of the port system of general interest has to outline a picture of the future scenario of the ports, where the public role implied in the port sector is reinforced, without losing sight of the fact that the ultimate goal is obviously the companies and people that make up the socioeconomic fabric served.


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